Makers of the delicious Broderick’s handmade cakes, Barry Broderick and Bernard Broderick are two brothers who almost literally never stop fighting. A family business at heart, from the heart of Ireland’s capital Dublin, Broderick’s have been crafting cake bars worthy of kings for many years now. Barry and Bernard might be a couple of eejits, but they also know how to create their fantastic home made cakes along with their mother, the loveable Ina. It’s a long story which began in their mother’s kitchen many years ago….

Standing in their living room, Barry Broderick with his fantastic Bjorn Borg seventies look and Bernard Broderick with his custom-made cape, the two crumb-fingered brothers bicker all day. They might be bickering eejits, but they provide some entertainment and they can’t half bake brilliant cake bars and nut bars. Keep an eye out on the streets of Europe’s cities as the Broderick Brothers take a few trips out in their Chocolate Rocket car to display their pugnacious personalities to the population, and hopefully to spread the word about the fantastic snack bars sweeping Europe.

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