Bernard Broderick's Meets Google

Bernard Meets Google

Today, Bernard got the opportunity to address a room full of Google employees at their European HQ in Dublin and talk about being a young entrepreneur, the highs and lows, and the successes and fails. In particular, Bernard spoke about the challenges of manufacturing in Ireland during the recent recession. Through years of hard work, early mornings and late nights, Ina’s handmade continues to go from strength to strength. Since taking over the day to day running of the business form their mother Ina, Ina’s handmade now employs more than 40 employees and ships product to 16 countries worldwide including Saudia Arabia, Japan, Iceland and Norway. Today, a fifth of their market is in the UK. Last year, the brothers supplied 50,000 Broderick’s branded bars to the London Olympics.

Brodericks Brothers

Broderick’s in the News Again

Comedy fights between brothers are all part of the biscuit and bar makers Broderick Brothers’ marketing campaign. “I’m a lot younger than Barry, ” Bernard Broderick lobs in at the start of our interview as he explains how the business began to evolve more than 10 years ago. “See where the maturity sets in,” Barry responds. “I’m saying nothing.” Read more here…..

Neven Maguire Visits Broderick's

Neven Maguire Meets The Broderick Brothers

We all know that Barry and Bernard bake the most delicious cakes. Broderick’s handmade snacks are produced using only the best quality ingredients including real locally sourced Irish butter and the finest Irish oats. TV celebrity chef Neven Mcguire recently called to the Broderick’s factory to catch up with the two lads to find out a little more about the chocolate business:

Watch the video here!